23 DIY Garden Projects You Will Love

23 Fabulous DIY Projects for the Garden


We had snow here today. It's gone now, but I so didn't want to see snow when I woke up this morning. And the funny thing is that I love snow. I really do, but not in March and certainly not in April (almost April). I want to see green. I want to think about my gardens. Anyway, I started perusing the internet for fun stuff to make for the garden and came up with lots and lots of amazing fun things to make. Here are some of them... I mixed in some of my garden projects from last year for you to see also! Enjoy.

I love fun stuff for the garden. I like making stuff. 

I made this little green greenhouse from old windows that I picked up on the side of the road. Okay, my nephew, Mike, did a little work putting on the roof. :) Still, it was so much fun to make and I just love this little thing.

This is me making the little house. (The ducks are in their temporary cage  on the left and on the right are the raised garden beds my son made.)

Terry from Forever Decorating made up this Garden Flower tutorial. It's surprising what she used for glue but it's holding.

Barb at Flea Market Gardening found this old tailgate (rusted just right). What they did with it is amazing.

Look what my niece and I did with bowling balls... garden balls...

Garden Thyme with the Creative Gardener has amazing fun using "stuff" not intended for gardens. Every garden needs a door, right?

Oh, my gosh, these are SO CUTE from Empress of Dirt, Garden Treasure Jars. These jars are so beautiful and she has her own preference for glue.  Check it out. There is so much here to learn. Empress of Dirt is one of my favorite sites for gardening!

Ellen, from Ellen's Creative Passage makes these cement balls. She gives a complete tutorial.

Recycled Art awesome little sculpture. I want to make something like this...

Here's something you HAVE to see...  this video... a Ferris wheel for birds, DIY, from a bicycle wheel.

A chair I saw in the Amish Country in Lancaster, PA.

A hammered aluminum bowl I bought at a tag sale.  A screw holds it onto a stairway spindle.

Olive Bites has a full tutorial on how she made this awesome planter.



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I am the crafter extraordinaire (on this blog anyway.) I live with my husband, my son, David, in a cozy cape cod style house in Connecticut.

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