Awesome and Fun DIY Cork Projects

I love corks. I once bought a whole bag of corks at a tag sale. I've used them for this and that small crafts but THESE projects have really got me intrigued and ready to actually USE them!!

Mom 4 Real shows how she made this lovely cork monogram!

Need a new keychain? How cute is this? Easy!

Cute cork planters... full instructions on how to make them also.

Hurricane Vase filled with wine corks. Candle completes the look.

Shine Your Light Blog made some cork herb markers... Easy, quick craft. Right?

Hope Studios shows how to make wine cork place card holders.

50 DIY Cork Projects on this site.

Lili Anna Grace makes these cute cork ornaments. Complete tutorial...

xoxograndma made these really CUTE snowmen.

And xoxograndma also made these turkey name card holders. Oh, my. How CUTE.

I hope you got some inspiration from this DIY cork fun round up. I know I did. I'm so wanting to get to my bag of corks now. :)

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  1. Lots of great ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  2. These are really cute projects, and we just happen to have some extra wine corks! Have a great weekend! Dee :)

  3. You've collected some great ideas here, funnily enough I had already pinned a few of them! I am now at the stage when I am really disappointed when wine has a screw top or plastic cork because I don't know what to make out of them (does that just make me look like someone who drinks really cheap wine? :-\ )

  4. Thanks for sharing this marvelous post! I love cork projects! Gives me a good excuse to drink more wine too! ;) You were featured today from the Create Link Inspire linky party!

  5. Clearly, I have not been drinking enough wine. :)

  6. I guess I better start drinking! Thanks for sharing at The Weekend Retreat, hope to see you back on Thursday!

  7. these are such brilliant uses fr cork. Thank you for sharing your ideas.
    P.S.- I found your link at hiitsjilly's link party! :D

  8. Must start drinking more !!! LOL! Cute ideas! I love the herb markers - I have to pin so that I remember come Spring... Thank you, Julia

  9. Great collection of projects! Good thing you can purchase cork sets these days, so you don't have to drink 20 bottles in a week just to get your project put together, ha! ~Kelly @ Eyes On The Source

  10. I really like them all, and it's a great collection! I never have a problem with having cork bottles if you know what I mean :-}. Thanks for sharing again at Sunday's Best!

  11. I love these ideas. I think I am going to try and make stampers for my classroom.

  12. Enjoyed these projects. I've got two more cork projects for you: and

    1. Hi, Joy, I added your two projects to the post. They are just TOO CUTE. Love 'em. Thanks so much for sending me the links to add. People are still visiting that post. I guess there is a fascination on what to do with wine corks. :) Best wishes, Linda

    2. Thanks Linda for sending your readers my way.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. love all these ideas you have with the corks, i think i am going to try dong the key chains, i think it would be a fun gift to give out to my family :) thanks @tisonlyme143

  15. I finally have some ideas on how to make use of all of my corks! So happy I've saved them for a "rainy" day. THANKS!

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  17. Loving all these wine cork ideas you pulled together. I am excited to do some myself. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Love the compilation of ideas you shared and couldn't resist featuring my favorite at Inspire Me Monday at Create With Joy - congrats! :-)


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