Pumpkin Cookies with Chocolate Pumpkin

Jamie, at Jamie Cooks It Up, made some delicious pumpkin cookies from 2 spice cake mixes and a LARGE can of pumpkin. Simple and this recipe makes a TON of cookies. These are not a traditional hard cookie. These cookies are like cutting off the top of a cupcake and calling it a cookie. It's still cake but it tastes great.

This is a Weight Watcher's cookie also, no fat added, no added sugar, and no eggs, but LOTS of the pumpkin veggie.... (the cream cheese frosting and chocolate pumpkins are not in the original Weight Watcher's recipe. :)

Michele, niece, and I made these cookies at Mom's house. She loves to be part of the action!!

Michele made the chocolate pumpkins by putting the melted chocolate bits in the microwave and adding a teensy bit of oil to thin it out a little. We cut a tiny corner of a plastic bag and squeezed the chocolate out of it onto wax paper to make little chocolate pumpkins. We put them on a cookie sheet and put them in the freezer for 10 minutes.  They came out a little "irregular" but that's all part OF THE FUN!! I'm not very "exact" about anything. I took classes in oil impressionism and it's kind of loosened me up a bit. Nothing has to be perfect especially in the arts.

Head over to Jamie's for the recipe. We made half the cookies with raisins and half with chocolate chips.

Happy Fall!



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