Dining Room Set Makeover

This was my dining room set ...


pine table in need of work

This was a few years ago. You can see that the legs of the table and the table top are all nicked up.

So, one morning I woke up and decided that was the day I was going to take the table outside and start using a paint stripper on it. I thought that the paint stripper would take care of the table top.

About 5 hours later, I conceded that it needed something more. It needed sanding. So I went to Home Depot and there was a girl in the paint department who refinishes furniture. How perfect is that? She told me to buy the Ryobi sander.

The girl in Home Depot said I was going to have a lot of fun with this sander. She was SO RIGHT. I love it. It glides across any surface and peels away layers of paint, stain, etc. I'm getting to love power tools.

Here is the table in some stage of being worked on.

knotty pine table being refinished

I didn't fully sand the chairs down. I did the arms and the legs because there were so many gouges in them.

white spray painted chairs outside

Hey, there's Sonny... My son's duck was out and about with his diaper on...

I spray painted the chairs white with the satin finish. It was incredibly fast and easy.

white chair and green cushion with black duck

This chair was picked up by the side of the road. That's free. That's better than tag sales. It was in excellent condition and I just sanded it down a little and added a cushion.

Oh, the cushions all match but are different. There are 3 different patterns.

large white chair with arms and cushion

Then I also covered the seats of the stools that are at my counter. I wanted all different, of course. I've done the "all the same" fabric seats but I saw something in a magazine where they showed different but coordinating fabrics so I tried to do the same.

They are bright but matching. I like bright and colorful.

pretty floral fabric bar stools

I am so pleased with the furniture makeover!! All the furniture in the dining room looks clean and crisp.

captains chair with cushion

The top of the dining room table was done with a cloth and Minwax Wipe-On Polyurethane satin finish. I put the polyurethane on the cloth and rubbed it on the table.  That was AFTER sanding, wiping with a special solution and then sanding some more and then wiping and then MORE sanding. It took me a LONG time to do this set, but it was so worth it. I just love the way it came out.

Oh, back to the table top... I rubbed on about 4 or 5 coats of the Minwax. It went on easily and I was done in 10 minutes. After the table dried there were some shiny places that I took some fine 600 sandpaper to and that dulled them down.

I also lightly distressed some of the chairs the the legs of the table by taking sandpaper and rubbing on areas that I wanted some interest in.


refinished pine table

ceramic snail

I love the birdcage my daughter gave me for my birthday!

white birdcage with roses

This was a huge job but I had such satisfaction in doing it...  I didn't ask hubby to help me... much. "Take the table outside" and "take the table inside"... but it's done now and I took all the junk stuff out of the dining room... I had a few crocks that I've had forever and some extra chairs and now the dining room looks so neat and tidy and with a NEW dining set. YAY!

One reason why I was dragging my feet on this project is because this dining set was my Mother's and I didn't want to ruin it. All's well now. :)

Hope you enjoyed viewing and I hope this inspires.

Your friend,



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  1. I love this makeover, it looks beautiful! I really love the different fabrics on the chairs, its pretty and fun!

  2. You did a nice job with your refinish. I love wood - I'm glad you didn't paint the table top.

    Crafty Journal

  3. it's beautiful, I love everything! the makeover that you did of your dining set is beautiful! :-)

  4. Linda, I saw your post earlier today and meant to stop by to tell yu how great it turned out! I got pre-occupied and forgot, until you stopped by!!! I just love the mix of adorable fabrics that you chose for each chair...enjoy your hard work and have a great weekend!
    Hugs' JP

  5. Beautiful Job! I'll bet you are so happy every time you see it! I think it looks awesome, I love the fun colors on the chairs too! And thanks for your sweet comment on my industrial pumpkins! Hugs Linda!

  6. Looks great!! I myself love my hand held sander!

  7. Looks wonderful, Linda. My sander is not good enough, thanks for the Ryobi recommendation. Love the duck...how you put a diaper on a duck?


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