Beautiful Upcycled Old Golf Bag

What to do with an old golf bag?   TAKE A LOOK  and be surprised!


I picked up this golf bag (and all the clubs) off the side of the road. Since I know I’m not going to play golf, I figured there must be other things I could do with them. Cruising around the internet and the blogs, I really didn’t see anything interesting so, of course, I am challenged! YAY! Love a challenge!!

Here’s the unadorned bag. (Don’t look at the flowers in the bottom. :)

golf bag 2

My son, David, said to use it as a purse so I pranced around the living room, pretending to get out of my car to go into Kohl’s with my daughter. “Come on, Kris, get the baby and I’ll get my purse..” as I grab hold of this huge golf bag! David said, “They’d think you have a bomb and the cops would be all over the place.” “Ma’am, could we see into your satchel?”. I needed a bit of fun today and this was it.
Hmmmm.... but really, what COULD I do with this old golf bag? What do you think?

I took the separator out:

inside the golf bag

And stuffed the bag with bubble wrap.

bag filled with bubble wrap

I had a big hanging plant of Million Bells and plopped it right into the top, pot and all. It just fit. Serendipity!


I think when the plants grow a little and fill in, this is going to look amazing! It’s going to look like someone planted it with flowers which is exactly what happened. However, I like to think of it like this:

Someone left their golf bag in the garden and then beautiful flowers seeded and started to grow. And like in a fairy tale the golf bag is soon filled with copious blooms. And then people will look at it and say, “Life will find a way” (Jurassic Park quote). Little bit of fantasy there.

Have a great day!


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  1. Linda,
    This came out so cute.

    1. Thanks, Debi and Charly! Have a great weekend.

  2. It looks great with flowers! But it probably won't stand up to well to rain and weather.

    Crafty Journal

    1. I think it will last one summer anyway. Then next summer, I'll have something different. :) ha ha

  3. Finally! Something I can actually relate to about golf! My husband and son talk golf non stop until my eyes glaze over! I wish I could just plant flowers in their bags and be done with it! Ha! Super cute idea!

    1. That's too funny, Jenna! Thanks for that. It's not as cute as I thought it would be but what the heck. It was just for fun anyway. We'll see how the flowers grow and fold around it. Thanks for joining the conversation. Linda

  4. Very fun idea! I even have a spray painted golf bag from my daughter's grad party last year. We tied balloons to it!

    1. Gotta remember that for the next golf bag I get. :) Thanks for commenting.

  5. Adorable!'s day is this weekend and mine loves to golf, wheels spinning! Found you on the If It's Not Baroque Linky Party!


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