Natural Citrus Soaps

Homemade Glycerin Citrus Soaps. I’ve been wanting to make some soap for a while now. To tell you what I used for the molds for the little soaps, I have to go back to Christmas and tell you about the HUGE box of candy that hubster got from my Mother. The box is about 2 feet long by 18 inches wide.  It’s the biggest box of chocolates I’ve ever seen. It was only one layer of chocolates, though. Still, there were a lot of chocolates in there and I can attest to the fact that these candies were tasty! :) 

Anyway, there were these 2 beautiful candy box inserts that I knew could be used for something but I wasn’t sure what! One day, Michele, my niece and one of the main players of Crafts a la mode, casually said, “why don’t you use these to make little soaps?”. OMG  it hit me like a ton of bricks. I was thinking of making candy or starting seeds in these but when Michele said “soaps”, I KNEW that was exactly right! Thanks, Mich.


These aren’t as small as they look. When I told my sister about it she said, “Won’t the soaps be too small?” So here is a measuring stick to show how large the pockets are.


The square soaps were about 2 inches, which is still small but it’s a nice personal size soap.

Next up? Glycerin soap to melt from Michael’s Craft Store. Our Joann’s didn’t have soap making supplies.

Here it is here: I bought some olive oil glycerin soap and some clear glycerin soap.

glycerine soap

I just cut some off with a knife and melted it in the microwave. It melts really fast and is very easy to pour. I was a little concerned that the hot melted soap would melt the candy plastic insert  so I let it cool down a teensy bit.
I don’t like highly scented soaps so I didn’t buy a scent to go in the soap. I wanted a natural scent and thought, hmmm.. lemon is nice. Then I thought about oranges and my sister said grapefruit is nice for soap also.

Here’s how I did it. I used a grater to grate the rind of a lemon, orange and grapefruit.


I  poured the gratings into the melted soap and poured the melted soap into the candy inserts... This seriously couldn’t have been easier. Cleaning the grater was the hardest part of this.


candy insert

melted glycerine

I made the lemon soaps first.

lemon soaps

Is this too cool or what? Here’s the orange. I added a little orange soap dye to the orange soap and red to the grapefruit soap.


See the little bits of orange zest and rind? It’s just enough for a pleasant orangey scent.


And the grapefruit...

grapefruit (2)

My Mom has a cute angel /cupid soap dish so I took some pictures of her soap dish with the orange tiny soaps.

soap stand

Here they are in my upstairs  bathroom.

white bathroom sink

I think they’d make great little hostess gifts, too. Here they are tucked into a little box.

tiny soaps

citrus soaps

Aren’t these the cutest?

I think that these candy box inserts and I are going to have a long and creative relationship. Wonder what else I could make with these? Have any ideas?

Thanks for viewing, friends.


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