Grow Your Own Wheat Grass for Easter

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Now is the time to plant Wheat grass if you want it for Easter. I love the green of wheat grass at this time. It grows in about a week so this weekend would be a good time to plant. :) I plant it in small containers like these. Doesn’t this egg remind you of the Facebook Egg Hunt from a few years ago?

And these little egg bowls..

The wheat grass seeds we get are organic and you can eat it.  I can’t imagine eating grass just like that, eating little tiny blades of grass. Actually, there is a wheat grass blender so if you want the benefits of wheat grass, you can drink it. According to several sites that I looked at there are a great many health benefits from eating freshly grown wheat grass, but that isn’t what this post is about. This post is about having lush, green grass to make the Easter table pretty and be part of the Easter decorations anywhere around the house.

This year I saved egg shells and painted them pink and yellow with acrylic paints. I had lots of fun painting these eggs and they came out so soft looking.  I planted the wheat grass seeds after soaking them for a day in water (that helps them sprout faster). Actually, there is no “planting” the wheat grass seeds. You fill up the containers to about 1/2 inch from the top with potting soil and then just lay the seeds right on top of the soil. You mist them every day until they get roots. They get roots really, really fast and the roots are LONG. After they get roots they need to be watered. I planted the seeds right in these little egg shells and I put the little eggs in these cute little egg holders I bought in Joann a few years ago.


little bunny

lovely easter decor

IMG_9651 (800x600)

If you would like to grow your own wheat grass for Easter or after as a health drink you can get the organic seeds from Amazon HERE. (not getting any compensation for this referral – in fact Connecticut bloggers cannot sell for Amazon at all. Our Governor Dan Malloy insisted that Amazon give Connecticut a full listing of all their sellers and how much each seller made. Amazon said, “no” and so the governor said that no Connecticut resident can sell for Amazon. Period. I tried setting up an account and at the end of the application it said that people in Connecticut cannot sell for Amazon. There were a few other states as well. I can really get gripey about this.

Meanwhile, this is cute to look at... a little bird and some eggs in a nest.

bird nest

Hey, everyone, blessed Palm Sunday to all. I wanted to do a post on what to do craftwise with palms from church but it didn’t happen. So I’ll give a link to last year’s post on Palm Sunday crafts.

Palm Sunday Crosses.
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  1. So sweet and they are natural and lush. Making painted eggshells is a nice recycler, too.

    Happy Easter, Linda ♥

  2. so so cute Linda! Pinning for next year!

  3. How cute and fun ... where did you find the wheat grass seeds?

    1. My niece bought them at the florist where she works. Have fun!

  4. everything looks so pretty! :-) Hope you are having a great Sunday!

  5. This is so darling!- I grow grass for my cats in winter from a kit- and I love how cute it looks (they love the taste) but the kits can be pricey for a small amount- will have to try this! - ps never knew that about Amazon and Ct- wow

    1. Yea, there was a little run-to between our governor and Amazon and the people of Connecticut lost.

  6. I have grown wheat grass before with much success. As you said, it really makes the table pretty and fresh. Your presentations are really, really nice!
    And just shakin' my head here about the other topic....

    1. Thanks, J. Right. Thanks for joining the conversation. Linda

  7. These are so cute. especially the egg ones.

  8. How cute! I will have to try growing it, it looks fresh and beautiful!

  9. These are SO cute! I've never grown wheat grass before but it's so pretty. Thanks so much for linking this up to Monday Funday!

    Kelly @ View Along the Way

  10. These are so Adorable! I'm your newest follower from Blog Hop. Followed you via Linky Followers. Feel free to visit, follow and leave comments @

    Rena Lynn

  11. Hi Linda, I found your blog on a Linky at By Stephanie Lyns site. I love this post on greens as we are actually making green drinks and these ideas are great. Hope you can come stop by Collective Sunday when you have time, add your post.
    Collective Social Hop {w/Linkies}
    Happy Easter!
    Have a great day!


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