Easter Door Decoration and Easter Treats

I haven’t started on making Easter things yet. Wait, yes I have. I just planted the wheat grass which is a pretty, very green grass that comes up in 5 days and looks just like grass. It has long, long roots but then dies in 2 weeks. I planted that early so that I can do a whole post on it so if you guys want to go out and get the wheat grass you’ll have plenty of time before Easter. Look for the post on Wheat grass for Easter at the end of this week!
Like I started to say, I haven’t gotten into Easter stuff yet (Easter is early this year – March 31st so I’d better get to it. :) so I decided to do a roundup of the Easter fun from past years.

This Easter Door Decoration I made 2 years ago and it was easy and fun to make. You can put anything in the pocket, too. I did a tutorial on how to make it HERE.

Here are some cake pops in the shape of little chicks so I called them Chick Pops. How to make them HERE.

A few years ago I was making Easter Baskets from girl’s Easter hats. That was a trip also. Loved ‘em. HERE is the original post on how to make them.

Pretty Easter pillows with white, ruffled lace (our specialty) HERE.

This wreath isn’t exactly an Easter wreath but it is a Spring wreath and could be used for Easter, I think. It’s the bright green Easter grass stuff and daisies. HERE is the original post on how to make it.

Homemade Easter Cards with bunnies and butterflies.... HERE.

Hope you like this round up of Easter fun and goodies. I have some more Easter fun stuff coming up next week also...
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  1. I am so ready for Spring! Super cute decorations! Life to the full, Melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle

  2. You make the most beautiful things! Our Autumn started on the 1st March and the temperature literally dropped overnight :-) {which I am grateful for, as we had a scorcher of a Summer!}

  3. Love the Easter grass wreath and the door pocket. Where do you buy wheat grass?

  4. I love the easter wreath with Green grass and flowers AND the chick pops! They were so cute I pinned them :)

  5. Love your sweet grouping of Easter projects! What a darling hat basket! My daughter would love the chick pops, as cake pops are one of her favorite things to make. I'll have to check them out. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your kind words earlier!

  6. such cute Easter creations, love the door hanger with the egg pocket and the basket is so cute !!!

  7. Linda, what great spring ideas! Love them all! (Now I just need Mother Nature to get the "it's spring" memo)

    I'd love for you to share this at my March Madness Party.


    Happy Hump Day!


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