A Little Mouse on Valentine’s Day?

Or What to Do with Red Hots ....
These are the Red Hots (I found them at CVS. Actually, I called ahead first since I doubted I could find them since I couldn’t find them last year). They are formally Red Heart Cinnamon Candies. OOOoooooo they are CUTE!!
While shopping in Michael’s Crafts I saw the cutest bottles. I am in a bottle phase right now. I want to put things in bottles. Like succulent plants and candies and I found some little bottles with buttons in them. I had to buy them also. AND I saw this cute HEART BOTTLE with a cork top which I HAD TO HAVE!! Michael’s $1.29. I don't think it HAS to be a heart bottle either. Any small, bottle will do.

Paula, from Chillin with Quillin says it would make a great teacher gift and so I thought I'd put an update on the post for that.

Heart Bottle and heart candy

So this is pretty easy, really. Fill the heart bottle with red cinnamon hearts.

heart bottle

I cut a wooden skewer and stuck it in the cork top.

heart bottle2

Some little felties that came in a package from Joann’s Fabrics and Crafts. Aren’t they the sweetest? After all, what is Valentine’s Day if it isn’t about pink, red, and CUTE!

heart felt

The mouse won!


This is the back of the mouse. I glued the mouse to the skewer in order for him to stand up straight.

Valentine candies

I glued on a white felt heart with Fabri Tac and one of the little red felt circles on top of that. I love that the edges are pinked!

felt heart

The above picture looked a little empty so I sprinkled some Red Hots all around it.

red hots

A kiss on the cheek?

 2 red hots

Mouse Love

Aerial view! I could have put a Valentine saying like, "You are a red hot Valentine", but I wanted to keep it generic so it could be given to anyone.

Valentine decor
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This was so fun to make (assemble). Have ideas on what else to do with Red Hots?
Thanks for reading. Have a great week, Everybody!


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  1. so adorable, love the little mouse, this would be great for teachers!!

    1. You are right, Paula. I'm going to put that in the post as an update. Thanks, Linda

  2. So very cute and EASY!!!
    Love it.

    M :)

  3. This looks so fun and easy. Clever, thank you! would love for you to come over to my link party going on at http://www.memoriesbythemile.com/
    Wanda Ann @ Memories by the Mile

  4. Cute and easy! That's my kind of craft! =)

    Thanks for joining Oh Happy Day today!

    1. Right. My sister and I always said that a craft has to be easy and fast but look like it took a long time making it. ha ha

  5. Really cute, My Mother was a Bouffard, we grew up in northern Ontario. Not a name you see often, Good to know there are more of us out there:):)

  6. That is such a cute project...seems pretty easy. Thanks for sharing. A new follower from Oh HAPPY Day Link Party & GIVEAWAY. Would luv if you could drop by my blog as well.

    Anne Marie

  7. I have a serious case of WANTS for that heart bottle :D

    1. It was $1.29. Not going to break anyone's budget. I loved it and also bought 4 other oh-so-cute bottles I couldn't pass up.... so now we're not at $1.29 anymore. :) Thanks for visiting...

  8. So cute! I agree - Valentine's is all about the pink, red, and cute. This would surely bring a smile!

  9. Thanks, Laurie. I appreciate it.

  10. I love this. I have seen some heart bottles now if I could just remember where. :) Thank you so much for showing it. It is super cute. I'm dropping by and following via Linky from the Dysfunction Junction Thursday Linking with the Ladies hop. I hope you can visit.

  11. So easy-peasy! Linkin' with ya from the Linkin With The Ladies bloghop @ Dysfunction Junction. Now following you via facebook, twitter, pinterest and all the various ways we get to stalk each other! :-)

    ~Carrie { http://asonguntothelord.blogspot.com/ }

  12. Oh how cute!!! Perfect for the house and the kiddos too. Thanks for sharing. I'm visiting today from Linkin' w/the Ladies hop.


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