How to get Published in a Magazine

WOW. This is exciting!
I’ve seen on other blogs that people have gotten published and I so wanted to do that, too. So this Spring I was reading Haute Handbags and I saw the Submission Page calling for original work. I started thinking about my handbags… That started the whole process…
Actually, there’s not much to it as far as getting published. I have been reading Haute Handbags for a few years (this magazine has so MANY interesting and original bags in it).
I remembered a purse I had made out of moire fabric in a deep rose color last year and I thought, “Why not see if maybe Haute Handbags would consider it publishable in their magazine?”. It’s worth a try, right?
So I sent an email to the person in charge of submissions and attached a picture of my purse. The girl emailed me back and said she liked it but that I would have to send the purse physically to them. I said, “Okay”. I sent it to them and then when I got the final word that the purse would be in their magazine, I had to write an article about how I made it. That wasn’t hard. I, then, sent that article digitally to the contact person and not long after she emailed back that the article was fine and that was all I had to do.
Then last week I received the magazine in the mail.
THAT WAS EXCITING because I knew my purse was in there.
Here is the link for the Submission Guidelines at Stampington and Company. They publish several different beautiful, inspirational magazines.
Oh, I should mention that there is no monetary compensation for writing the article. But, of course, there is the thrill of getting your work recognized and seeing it in this lovely magazine.
Here are Stampington’s other publications:
Altered Couture, Apronology, Art Doll, Journaling, Mingle, Stamper’s Studio, Art Quilting Studio, Artful Blogging, Artists’ CafĂ©, Belle Armoire, Jewelry, Create with Me (kids), Green Craft, Handcrafted, Haute Handbags, Jewelry Affaire, Life Images, Somerset Life, and about a dozen more…
To see their entire lineup of magazines, click HERE.
The purse that made the cut. :)
Moire Handbag
For anyone who wants directions on how to make this Romantic Moire Evening Bag, it’s on page 19 of the Autumn 2012 Issue of Haute Handbags, which is published by Somerset Studio and Belle Armoire. It’s sold in Joann Fabrics and fine book stores.
Happy Fall, everyone,
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  1. Congrats on being published in the magazine!

    I've never seen that mag, will look for it the next visit to Joann's. Your bag is lovely.

    1. It's an amazingly beautiful magazine. There is lots of bags in it, too. Linda

  2. Congrats on your success! How exciting for you to know your work is in a magazine. You should be very proud! Thanks for the info on submitting work for those interested in that too.

    1. Well, I was in shock for a while.. thanks for commenting. Best wishes, Linda

  3. What an honor to be featured in a magazine Congratulations!

    1. Well, they have to fill up their magazine, don't they? ha ha Take care, Linda

  4. CONGRATULATIONS!!! You definitely deserve it.
    Just stopped by to keep up with the pumpkins...teehee...and I added my own attempt at the paper pumpkin to the post I linked earlier this week. It was so much fun I'm making more.
    Love the header.

    1. Hi, Marcia, I love the paper pumpkin a lot. I don't know how to make them. I think it would be hard to cut through the book. Thanks for linking again. Linda

  5. How exciting for you! That is just so fun and way too cool! This is great news for you to share. I will have to go look for it on the news stand!

    1. Thanks, Susie. Anyone who makes stuff can do it. They have a bunch of publications. Thanks for commenting and becoming part of the conversation. Linda

  6. Wow! Congratulations to you.

    Way to go.

    M :)

    1. Hey, Melinda. Really, it's not big deal if you sew. Just sew something and submit it. I used to be in awe of those people who had magazines on their blog showing that they had been published. Well, here it is on my sidebar and I guess I know there is nothing to be "in awe" about now. See you on your blog, Melinda. Take care, Linda

  7. That is too cool!!I think I may give it a try too. I like you have always wondered how on earth artists get published. Thanks so much for sharing how it all happened. You just never know where this will take you!

  8. Congratulations!! And thank you for the tip! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  9. Congratulations .... but you got NO monetary compensation? They used YOUR design, and you even spent time and effort writing an article and they got that for FREE? I'm amazed. An absolute cheek.


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