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My 5 Second Fabric Rose

This is the absolute quickest way to make a “rose” or flower out of fabric. I’m all for doing crafts quickly. It just doesn’t seem like there is as much time to do crafts as there used to be.
Here is the “rose” on a summer hat.
134 (800x600)
Here it is in a nutshell. Anything can be made to look like a flower or rose and you don’t need to get too particular or exacting. I’m always telling Carol that. It’s the
IMPRESSION of a rose
 that counts. When you give it a glance, what do you see? You are thinking silk fabric flower on a straw hat, right? That’s what Impressionism is all about….the impression of a glance.
So I took this leftover filmy see through fabric.
071 (800x600)
I didn’t cut any edges or anything.
072 (800x600)
Then you kind of just wrap it around and around and tuck in the raw edges. At the point where you think it KINDA looks like a flower, STOP, (it takes 2 people to do a art painting - one to actually paint it and the other to knock him on the head when it's done. In other words, don't overwork a painting. It usually gets worse.). Now you can take needle and thread and go through all layers.
075 (800x600)
076 (800x600)077 (800x600)078 (800x600)
Then you stick a gem in the middle and glue it down with Fabri-Tac. I buy these gems at tag sales to put on the Victorian Lace Pillows.
132 (800x600)
This is an old earring and I just took off the back of it.
073 (800x600)
131 (800x600)
I see that little raw edge at that top. Oops. I could have tucked that under.
Thanks for watching. Hope you liked my 5 second fabric “rose”.

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