Brightly Colored Fabric Dog Collars

I’ve been making cotton fabric dog collars for years. In April I did a tutorial on how to make Dog Collar Covers, link HERE.

I used to make the dogs collars like the ones in this picture below. In this picture they are wearing  their Valentine collars.
DSCF0037 (480x640)
Now I make the collars like this. Kasha, our white border collie is no longer with us but we have Bunny now (on left) who is our rescue dog from Texas. She’s a love.
IMG_1908 (800x600)
Anyway, I’m going to show how to make these incredibly easy dog collars. the trick for making these super special is to get really bright and funky fabric to make them out of.
1. Select Fabric. This meets the requirements for bright. Yes?
Cotton bright fabric
2.  I used a rotary cutter to cut a piece of fabric 8 inches by whatever the width of the fabric is, usually 45 inches.
Bright Cotton Fabric 3IMG_3038 (800x600)
3.  Fold both sides into the middle.
Dog Collars
4.  Now fold them over one more time.
Cotton Dog Collars

Pretty Cotton Collars
5.   Sew a stitch on the edge of the fabric to close it.
Sewing Fabric Collars
6.   Measure your dog’s neck by putting the collar around his/her neck and hold in the right place. I make mine rather loose  because the only way to take the collar off will be to slip it over the dog’s head.
Texas Dog
Bright Fabric
Make sure you can slip it over his head. I hold it and go right to the sewing machine but you can pin it if you like.
Bright Colored Cotton
7.   Now stitch it closed in the place where you measured it. I like to turn under the raw edge before sewing it. Clip your threads off.
 Machine Sewing
Put over your dog’s head. I leave on their regular collars underneath for walking them, tying them out, etc. Sometimes the regular collar shows but that’s okay, too.
pretty fabric collars for dogs
This is just a decorative, wide collar that can be changed with the seasons or holidays.
It’s so easy to make. 
Another picture of Bunny with her new collar. Isn’t she cute?
Cute Dog
Hope you were able to understand these directions. If not, you can email me and I'll try to help you.
To make these collars, you basically take a piece of fabric, roll it up, stitch it down, and then measure the dog’s neck and sew it closed. DONE!!

Best wishes for Fall,

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  1. What fashionable pups! They look like they are loving their new collars!

    Happy WW!

    1. Yes, fashionable. Thanks for the blog hop, too. Linda

  2. I love the collars! Now only if I had a dog

    Thanks for linking up for WW!

    1. Yea, dogs are great! They give such unconditional love. Best wishes, thanks for the party and for commenting. Linda

  3. Linda these are so cute!!! I love visiting your blog. Today I'm hopping over from Paulas Wordless Wednesday. Hoping your day is a sweet one Hugs

  4. Adorable!! You're fur babies are precious!! Going to make this for my fur baby Holly. TFS!! Stopping by from The Shabby Creek Cottage Transformation Thursday linky party and your newest follower.

    Here is what I shared:

  5. Yahoo! Those are so cute! I love the bright fabric and how they are wide. I will make some for my dos, too!


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