Junk Garden

 Hi, everybody and WELCOME!! So glad you are visiting. Wanna see some pictures of my gardens? They are turning into Junque Gardens (fancy way of saying gardens with stuff that SHOULDN'T be there and no stuff that SHOULD be there) (as in live, living plants with flowers).

I don't know what happened this year - if it was the mulch we put down or what - but I've given up trying to get the lush gardens I usually have. Hey, this will be an "off" year. I need to plan for next year. I'm thinking I need to beef up the soil a little with manure, peat, etc. Fertilizer wouldn't hurt either. I usually Miracle Gro the heck out of everything (sometimes I kill the plants with too much fertilizer, too) but if the plants don't die they get big and have lots of flowers).

 Anyway, here is what I devised for this year...sculpture out of junk. Here is an old bike that was in the back of the garage. I've seen the bikes painted white on the blogs so I wandered if it would look good in pink. It does. I'm happy with it. I gets lots of comments about it. "That looks silly", "Why do you have a pink bike?", and "That bike shouldn't be there". And I get some nice comments, too.

I sprayed everything on the bike pink. The tires, the spokes, the pedals, the chrome handlebars, everything. I've got a basket that I want to fill with flowers and attach to the handlebars. Sometime soon, I hope.

Here is an old fireplace grate we found in a junk pile. I kinda like it with the verbena planted inside it.

I've had this guy hanging around the garden for a while. I think he needs painting a darker green color or mix of colors but then the thing will start peeling and I'll have to scrape and paint it  and who needs another thing to scrape and paint?

 He's cute, is he not?

Dog I bought while visiting my sister in PA a few years ago.

I put hens and chickens in this hyper tufa I've had for a while. I so wanted to make some hyper tufa (mixture of cement and peat and water and maybe perlite) containers but have had trouble finding molds (big enough bowls and such) to put the mixture of cement and peat into. This is such a doable craft. I'm still looking at tag sales for big containers so I can make some. When/if I do, it will be shared right here on this blog.

Here is a stone bench. I saw this at a garden show ... It's two squarish kinda stones and one big, flat stone on top of them to make a stone bench. Cool, huh? Oh, and the frog...

I added some mugo pines around the pond - it's a good thing I did because there isn't much in the line of flower vegetation.

Dog fountain where the dog gets bathed constantly. Oh, how our dogs hate having a bath.

Angel dog. There is the little fish pond in the back with all the pond plants sticking up. Oh, yea, they are doing great! Love 'em.  See how puny the red Salvia are? They looked better when I first put them in the ground. There's a little porch there in back of the pond that my nephew, Mike, built for me.

 Might as well throw in some pictures of the cow mailbox and pinwheel. I always have pinwheels in the garden. Adds movement.

Got this cool leaf birdbath from Denise, niece.

 Got this at a tag sale.

Oh, here is one thing that's doing well. The hydrangea I got from my Mom's house because it was too big. She didn't want it anymore. It's big. It must be about 8 feet high by 10 feet wide. Massive.

Isn't this statue cute? I got it from the side of the road. It's broken in places but hardly shows since it's in the ivy (and on the other side).

 Okay, you've had the grand tour of the front of the house and the lack of plantings.


My daughter, Kristy, had us over for water balloon fun. There is a special pump that pumps the little balloons with water. It's easy but time consuming.

 The kids throwing water balloons at each other.

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  1. Looks like a great garden! Love the whimsy to it.
    This heat we have had has played havic on everyone's garden flower or produce.
    Hopefully next year will be better. I do container gardens and find them to be easier.
    They are having atough time too.

    Stay cool.


  2. What a fun garden! I would love to invite you to share this on Saturday Show and Tell: (www.cheeriosandlattes.com/saturday-show-tell-20/). I know that my readers would appreciate this and some of your other posts. Thanks and have a great weekend.

  3. The pink bike is not really my style, but I love the stone bench and that old iron grate looking thing. Still waiting for my stone bench, mom! :)


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