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Hi, everyone, and WELCOME!! This post was supposed to be about National Parks, but I went off on a tangent and then decided to just go with the tangent. My art teacher says if you are painting a person but somehow the painting looks like the Brooklyn Bridge, go with the bridge. So I’m going with the bridge. I started saying my hubs and I made a goal to see all the National Parks but once the kids started coming along it became harder to go to those far away parks on the West Coast.
164aacc(These are the feet of my baby grandson. I needed a picture on here!)
We have a unique situation here. We had a first child, a son, and then couldn’t get pregnant after that. After many tests the doctor told us we weren’t having any more children. So when our oldest was 12 we decided to adopt from Korea. We adopted two girls from Korea (15months and 3 years old) when our oldest son was 13. When the littlest girl was 6 I was going through a very hard time physically and mentally and I was going to a Bible class. The teacher said to ask God for our heart’s desire. He said we don’t always know our heart’s desire so I went ahead and asked the Lord to give me my heart’s desire. Two months later I told my Mom I felt like I was pregnant and she said to just forget about it because we know I couldn’t be. But somehow it stuck in my brain that maybe I was having a baby. My body felt like it, too. It was a Sunday and in those days in Connecticut the stores were not open on Sunday (that was 25 years ago – hard to believe the grocery stores were not open, huh? Now the CT legislature is working on a bill that will allow alcohol to be sold on Sunday. I’m against that. Somehow I still want there to be morals and goodness on Sundays)
Anyway, I had no way to get a pregnancy test and I SO wanted to know what was happening. SO I asked the Lord, “Am I going to have a baby?” Then I opened my Bible, I just opened a page randomly. It was a reading about a baby. Then I said to myself, “I’ll open up another page.” Another reading about a baby. Then I said, “One more time”. Yep, three times I opened my Bible and three times it was about babies. I said to the Lord Jesus, “Am I really having a baby?” The next day I went and bought a pregnancy test and it was positive….  a baby, a baby, a baby. OMG . A BABY!!!!! I was thrilled beyond belief. God was not done with me. He liked me. He really liked me and was giving me a second chance. He was giving me another child. OMG. OMG. OMG. I was 38 years old!!
When I went to the doctor (who told me I wouldn’t be having any more children 10 years before) I asked him how come I’m pregnant. He shrugged his shoulders! But I knew. I knew I was getting my heart’s desire and I was on cloud nine! It took hubster a couple of days to rearrange his head around it, though. The doctor wanted to do tests to see if there was anything wrong with the baby. I said, “No Way, I’m having this baby either way.”
So there you go. God knows our heart’s desire. This baby brought us so much pleasure. He completed our family. Hey, I’m not saying he never gave us any problems. Getting kids through the teen years is TOUGH.
So that is my Brooklyn Bridge.

 Summer Fun:   25 Outdoor Ideas for Summer – This girl has a roundup of things to do outside for kids AND ADULTS. Great stuff here. Oh, another Sun Oven. I really have to do that. This one is cooking smores.
 Have YOU ever asked God for your heart’s desire? Would you be willing to share what amazing thing the Lord has done for you? I know He’s out there doing miracles.

 Partying here at these GREAT PARTIES! Oh, my Gosh. So much to see! And PIN! :)


  1. Linda, what a wonderful blog spot! Yes, children are terrific and tough at the same time, but oh so worth it. They make you laugh and cry. Have a great day!

  2. What a great story!


  3. Oh my gosh! What happened to your embroidered header? It was my favorite of all the blogs I read. Your new is pretty but the other was so unique!

  4. Hi Linda,

    It's not quite time for the big reveal, that happens on the 30th. This is just the how it's going post. Sorry I wasn't completely clear.
    Rosie xx


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