Easter Bunnies

Here is my current Easter table d├ęcor. Wow. That sounded formal. I redid the table – see the post It all Happens Here. Everything happens on the dining room table – the sewing machine is in another room, though. But crafting happens on the dining room table. So I frequently have to clean up the table and then I change up the stuff I’ve got on there. I’ve got lots of stuff.
This is wheat grass. My niece Michele, who is a horticulturist brought me some wheat grass seeds. She said it grows really fast and the garden center where she works grows lots and lots of it for Easter. So I thought I’d like to try growing it myself. Wow. SUPER SUPER EASY.
052 (600x800)
These are little egg bowls I bought at Joann’s.
070 (800x600)
I took all kinds of pots and small bowls and put in potting soil. You are supposed to fill the pots 2/3 of the way with soil. Then add 1/4 inch of wheat grass seeds. Now I know why. They don’t all germinate. In fact, I’d say about half of the seeds germinate according to what grew for me.
Wheat grass.
033 (800x600)
Then I had some fun with the seeds and made pictures. Silly, I know.
034 (800x600)038 (800x600)039 (800x600)
The roots of wheat grass grow long fast. Here is a clear glass mug I planted wheat grass in. I added a ribbon bow.  Isn’t it nice?
092 (600x800)
Here are the roots. They go all the way down to the bottom. That took about 5 days to accomplish.
071 (800x600)
076 (600x800)
This little container has a history. When I was a kid I bought my Mom this little planter with a small bonsai tree in it. Would you believe she kept it all these years? Well, she gave it to me along with some other small pots to put the wheat grass in. Roosters are so IN right now, too. I love roosters.
048 (600x800)
These little bunnies are playing among the green grass bowls. These bunnies came from Joann’s also. Look at their cute little tulle collars. Love ‘em.
Here’s another cute pot Mom gave me. After the grass started growing, I added the Easter egg. Doesn’t it remind you of the Facebook Easter Hunt? Are they still doing that?
This large actually Christmas tin turned out pretty cute for Easter, didn’t it?
Another container and a tiny bunny, too.
The final arrangement on the table…
090 (800x600)
054 (800x600)083ccaa
Happy Easter, everyone. Best wishes, Linda

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  1. Oh Linda this is to cute for words. The bunnies are hopping through a field of pink. Awesome job?


  2. Those are so cute!! Thanks so much for sharing at Thursday's Temptation.

  3. I LOVE all of the little grass popping up in the containers... so fun and pretty! And I LOVE those egg containers - so cute and perfect! : )

    -Mel the Crafty Scientist

  4. Wishing you and your family a very Happy Easter!

  5. I love this, I am going to try it next year! :)

    Happy Hour Projects

  6. I have a bad luck with wheat grass seeds.. I have been trying and trying but my wheat grass sprouts but never grows.. :( I love yours, wish I could do this too.. :) Thanks for linking up at friday fun party..


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