A Home for Ruby Red

I always bring my computer with me when I go to Mom's house since she doesn't have a computer. When I ordered the computer I liked the "Ruby Red" color and so, it has been known as Ruby Red ever since. Well, I’ve been dragging it out in all kinds of weather and putting it on the backseat. Since the dogs usually come with me, I’ve been thinking it’s probably a good idea to get (or make) something to carry my computer in.
So I was at Mom’s last night and I decided to make something instead of just browsing and blogging. :) Since I had 2 plastic bins of fabric with me it was easy to pick out some fabric for this bag. I didn’t want anything too light because it will get some serious wear. But I wanted something attractive. I have tons of pretty pink rose fabric but I also had this brown fabric with pink roses that filled the bill nicely, dark enough to hide the dirt but still pretty enough to be happy with it.  Then I found a nice pink fabric with roses for the lining.  In the center is a thick polyester batting which I sometimes use on pocketbooks also. Now if it gets bumped at least there is a little cushioning for protection. It took about an hour to make. It went very fast because I’ve made bags before and knew what I was doing. That helps.
Here’s Ruby Red going into her (it’s a gender?) new pretty rose case.
Here she is nice and snug inside. As you can see I used velcro for a closure. I would have used a zipper but I didn’t have one on hand and I wanted to make this up right away. Strike while the iron is hot, my Mom always says.
Don’t look too close at the stitching because it’s rotten, but what the heck. It’s DONE, I didn’t belabor it and it didn’t cost me any additional money. A case for the computer would have been at least $30 and probably a whole lot more. I’m happy with it.
So when I left for home from my Mom’s house, I had Ruby Red in her new case safe and sound.
Take care, everybody. Keep warm. Simpsonized Crafts


  1. I love the bag! I call my Dell Miss Piggy because she's pink. :) I need a bag like this, because I also bring my laptop to several places, and the laptop bag that the hubs picked is not cute at all.

  2. Love the tote! I must make one for my laptop!


  3. Hi this is Nicole from Colie’s Kitchen I wanted to drop by and say hi. I really like your blog, and I am now a new follower. I would love to have you stop by Colie’s Kitchen if you get a chance. www.colieskitchen.com

  4. What a cute idea!!! I could use a laptop bag myself! Love it!

  5. I love this bag! It's beautiful! Hope you'll stop by and link up to Creation Mondays @ ~The Life of Me~!

  6. I've been meaning to make a bag for my computer for a while now; you've given me the inspiration to get started. Your bag is beautiful and practical - the best of all combinations.

  7. I love it!
    I'm following from the blog hop.
    I'd love a follow back at www.mikaspantry.blogspot.com

  8. I appears to be a perfect name for your computer. Perhaps I should name mine...maybe I'd be a bit more tolerant or understanding when it gets into a funk if I gave it a human quality like a name.


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