Debby over at The Pink Birdhouse gave us an award - a pink award - she is a fan of our blog! Isn't that sweet?? That put a smile on my face, too, Debby! Thank you so much. I'm a fan of your blog, too!! You do such beautiful ribbonwork.

Okay, now to give out OUR blog awards. I had to think long and hard and we follow lots of blogs that I love to visit and peruse but I finally settled on Lindsay at Five Healthy Hearts - I love reading about her family and her healthy heart! Then, I'm giving the award to Tammy at For A Stitch in Thyme - isn't that a cute name? Also, Osage Bluff Quilter - love her quilts and stories - she gets an award. Also, the Happy Cottage Quilter is getting an award, doesn't that name evoke happy, homey thoughts? Pam, over at Pam Kitty Morning has been a favorite of mine since day one. Terri at Purple and Paisley has helped me with a few sticky problems and finally, my great-niece (Carol's granddaughter) Tina, who has an interesting blog - she has an unusual outlook sometimes.... haha Tina just kidding. She does cute crafts, though, and she's family. Gotta love 'em.


  1. Umm...not sure if I should be insulted or not!! xoxo

  2. oh whoops - lol - It's tina I'm on mimi's comp!

  3. WOW thank you so much. It's my first award ever on my blog!

  4. Carol, wouldn't that be like giving an award to yourself? We are TWO succulent sisters, after all, right?

  5. Oh my!!! Thank you so much! I am a fan of your blog too! It's my first award too :-)

  6. I can't believe this!!! You two (three, mom included) are so adorable...I'm in shock! Definitely my first! Thanks for all your support during my yukky heart stuff...I swear, it makes a huge difference knowing that folks like you are out there. Thank you again... now I'm going to go show it off on my blog!!!! (big blog hug to you)


So happy you came to visit today. Everyone is so busy but if you would like to leave a note for me, I would love it!!


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