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Awesome Bookmarks from Old Books

What to do with old books? Why --- make some awesome bookmarks, of course, and just in time for school starting soon!

Isn't this an awesome way to use old books?

UPDATE: My dear readers, as usual I was in a hurry to get this posted and omitted some very important information about where you can buy these wonderful bookmarks. These bookmarks were made by Maureen Ryan LaBoa for the express purpose of raising funds for injured Marines. Her Facebook Page is Painting for Patriots, supporters of the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund. If you would like to support this wonderful cause you can contact Maureen and see all the other gorgeous bookmarks she makes for only $6. All funds go to the Marine Semper Fi Fund. How awesome is that? While you are on her page give a LIKE so you can follow the news about the other things she makes.... all for the soldiers.

If I caused any confusion as to the source of these bookmarks, my sincerest apologies to Maureen LaBoa. I'm so happy to correct this and now offer you a link where you can purchase these beautiful bookmarks and help our wounded soldiers at the same time! Go to: Bookmarks Made from Books Beyond Repair to look at the complete assortment available. 

The hardest part is cutting the spline off the book.... it's not physically hard, no. Cutting up a book is difficult!


Cut the spline off a book. Glue the vertical edges toward the back. Punch a hole near the top of the bookmark. Insert eyelet. Cover the back with a matching color felt or pretty cardstock paper. tie ribbon through the eyelet. Voila! Bookmark!


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