Meet My New Little Puppy Who is Sweet as Candy

Meet my new puppy, Eevee. She's being held by my granddaughter, Eva.

Eva and Eevee... spelled like the Pokemon. Lol

She is a miniature Australian Shepherd and she is CUTE and she is BUSY!

I saw a fella in Home Depot the end of April who had the most beautiful dog. She is his service dog so she goes everywhere with him. I notice that stores are allowing dogs to enter now. That's nice. We took Mollie, was rescued from Texas I believe. My daughter had 2 dogs and then she had 2 babies and said that one of her dogs had to go. Well, I couldn't let her give her up to just anyone so I ended up taking her.

 My household is loaded, myself, my husband, my grown daughter and her son who is 11 and handicapped, and my grown son. Then there are the various animals. We have 4 ducks outside and 1 duck inside who wears a diaper. We have my daughter's dog who is a large Australian shepherd - he's as gentle as a lamb - when she got divorced she came here to live for a bit while she went to school. So we have 3 dogs now.

Mollie, Ace (the big Australian shepherd) and now our new puppy, Eevee. Last year, my own dog died and so when I saw this fella in Home Depot with this beautiful blue merle mini Aussie, I thought maybe it's possible that I could have a dog like that. AND HERE SHE IS!!! 

So, anyway, the fella at Home Depot told me that he got her from a breeder in New York and gave me her number. Here is the fella and his dog at Home Depot parking lot. Her temperament was lovely and she greeted me with a wagging tail. She was super friendly. I fell in love at that moment.

The breeder lived way upstate in New York, a few hours above Albany. Anyway, the girl told me her dog just had a litter on Easter Sunday and they would be ready the first week of June. $1,600. As it turned out, her son drove the dog halfway so we only had to drive a little over 2 hours to get her. It was a beautiful sunny day so actually it was very pleasant. At the end of the drive I was handed a tiny ball of fur. 

Here she is on the way home from New York.

I wasn't aware that she wasn't weaned but she threw up the canned puppy food so I had to bottle feed her for about a week. It was SO MUCH FUN!! She's happily on puppy food now.

Check out this short video where Eevee is drinking out of a baby bottle.

Here she is on my son's lap on the way home from New York.

When we first got her home she just curled up in a ball on the kitchen floor. She was the tiniest thing.

She's a pip now. She's getting into everything. It's still a lot of fun. Those eyes are full of mischief. lol

On my bed...

The little pads on her paws are so pink and soft. I hold her like a baby sometimes... I can rock her and she goes to sleep...

I had 4 kids. You'd think I was baby deprived or something, right? I guess the maternal instincts are still there. Lol

Best wishes to all,



  1. Linda, I LOVE Evee! I’m so glad you got her and that she’s bringing you so much joy. What a delight to read her story. Congratulations on the new addition! Your friend, Theresa 💕

  2. Congratulations! She is beautiful and I love her eyes. I live in Seneca Falls, thats a few hours above Albany. That's cool! Did you get her around here?

  3. Linda,
    WOW! You do have a full house!! The new puppy is just so darn cute!! Congrats!!

  4. Oh my goodness, Linda, what a sweet puppy!! She's adorable, and I loved reading the story. Congratulations!

  5. Linda,
    OMG, she is so adorable. it's funny, but when my Caleigh died a few weeks ago, we decided to look at Mini Australian Sheppard's. We have a breeder near us. I am looking forward to going to see them. Those eyes are amzing.
    So cute.


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