How to Use a Plastic Placemat to Cover an Ugly Flower Pot

 How to cover an ugly flower pot with a pretty placemat!

I've been looking at this black flower pot for a while

My new little 6 week old puppy. She is a miniature Australian shepherd and she is so cuddly and cute. This is the first dog that I have ever purchased. All of our other dogs were rescues and they are great but when I saw a blue merle dog with a guy in Home Depot, I asked where he got her and he told me. We had to drive over 2 hours to get her and the woman's son drove the puppy half way so she was far away in upstate New York but it was a beautiful sunny day and she is so worth it! So worth it. And she is funny. What's cuter and funnier than a new little puppy. Everything is new to her... I''ve got some wind up toys that she is both scared of and thrilled by... ha ha ha

This is the day after we brought her home.. (She grew a lot already!)

Measure your pot so you can cut out the placemat. My pot wasn't a very different size from the top to the bottom so it was fairly easy to cut out.


I painted the rim of the pot but you wouldn't have to just have the placemat cover the entire pot from top to bottom...

I like it. It's way better than the black pot and it's cheerful

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