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If you are coming over from My Home of All Seasons Blog then welcome and I hope you are enjoying the Christmas Blog Tour that Katherine's Corner coordinated.... It's been a fun ride and I think you will be inspired by all of the wonderful, colorful Christmas decor. 

I love setting up all my little woodland animals at this time of year and I have quite a few of them! I started to put them on a large round tray I have and I thought, 'I wonder how or if they responded to Christ's birth'. So here is my little story with pictures of that Holy Silent Night.

Animals in the woodland celebrated His birth, the birth of Christ, in their own way. 

At first, they were standoffish...

They didn't know what was happening but they felt something happening. They felt a lightening of the atmosphere. They felt hope. They felt love. They KNEW something GOOD was happening. 

The wolves howled their approval.

All the animals approached the manger cautiously..

The little ones came, too.

What did they see? They saw a baby, a newborn baby.

The mother said, "Let the little ones come closer to see the BABY."

and the little ones came to see HIM.

The animals came closer...

They were in awe.. how could such a tiny baby make such a change in the atmosphere. 

They were no longer afraid... 

So they came closer still...

They stayed with the Baby and watched the angels appear. They were not afraid Soon the brightest star was shining right above them. They settled down in the hay and kept the Baby company through the long dark and still night and they were glad.... glad to be a small part of this miracle.


I wonder if my little story had some truth to it (okay, not woodland animals). After all, He was born in a stable with animals. Did they feel His Presence? Did they feel the calm of that Holy Night? Do you think so? I do. I definitely do.

***The next stop on the tour is to My Hubbard Home!***

Please hop on over to Hubbard Home and enjoy her great tips for styling a Christmas tray. Just look at the goodies if you follow the tour to the end... beautiful Christmas trays!

Best wishes for Christmas and always,

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  1. Linda your tray is fantastic and filled with the reason for the season. Thank you for participating in the tour my friend xo

  2. How sweet Linda, I loved your little Christmas story, and the sweet animals gathered around baby Jesus! Very creative and beautiful!

  3. Animals respond to love and kindness, both attributes which Jesus exuded. I'm sure the animals wanted to draw close to him and the miracle of that night! Your story put happy tears in my eyes. Well done!
    Merry Christmas

  4. HI Linda, I love this! I am going to do a Nativity next year! Great idea! Isn't this a fun tour!
    laura in Colorado

  5. The tray is so cute! I love the little Baby family so much...just adorable!

  6. I am totally in love with your tray, the animal figurines are my favorite.

  7. I am totally in love with your tray, the animal figurines are my favorite.

  8. I love your tray Linda and I love your story too! Your woodland animals are so precious. I do believe that animals are much better at trusting their instincts than humans sometimes. We have trouble believing what we cannot see with our eyes. We can learn alot from them I think! Thank you for sharing and I wish you have a wonderful Christmas!

  9. What a sweet tray and really enjoyed the story you wrote to go along with your tray!! I do think the animals reacted in a positive way to the birth of Jesus!

  10. Honestly Linda, this is one of the most precious blog posts I've read. It really brought tears to my eyes. I've always been drawn to woodland creatures, especially the small and insignificant ones. The baby Jesus brought hope even to the little creatures. I'm saving this post. Thankyou so much for sharing this; your tray idea is truly beautiful! Have a wonderful Christmas week!

  11. Linda, who knows what any of the animals, stable animals or wild ones may have felt that night. What an amazing moment that must have been to have been able to experience. I am glad you enjoyed styling your tray with the thoughts about what any of the animals may have been feeling that night. Have a blessed Christmas!


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