Whimsy Fall Centerpiece and a Blog Hop Tour

Welcome to the Autumn Blog Hop Tour  -  Featuring beautiful Autumn trays.

Katherine from Katherine's Corner asked me to be a  part of her Autumn Blog Hop Tour and I jumped at the chance! How wonderful is it to be connected with these top bloggers who will be sharing their gorgeous autumn trays and they are so beautiful, both the trays and the bloggers. lol  I hope you get lots of inspiration, my friends.

I bought an old turkey baster pan at a tag sale and sprayed it white. It was a dirty dark blue with white spots when I bought it. Once it was white I took a big thick black Sharpie and went around the rim of the pan so it looked like this...

I've actually done lots and lots of things like this. I look for some metal that has a lip on the top and then I know I can turn it into a fake enamelware container.  

This was a tin container and I sprayed it white and then added the black beading along the top and the fake chips to make it look old.

You can get a better look at the top in this picture. It needs a little rounded top to be a candidate to turn into fake enamelware. Then just use a sharpie and go to town on it. It's child's play. Really.

This is a real vintage enamelware creamer. Can't see much difference, can you?

Then my son bought me this brand new BREAD box. I love it.

Here's an old flour sifter that I had from an estate sale.

And it got turned into THIS...

As beautiful as that is, look what My Hubbard Home Blog did by decoupaging a napkin onto her old sifter... If I could find that napkin I'd do the same to my flour sifter, and believe me, I've searched Google for it. It's just so colorful and enjoyable to look at, right? Can you believe I couldn't find any napkin I liked as well as this? I loved my fake enamelware sifter until I saw hers... sniff...

Okay, so once I had the fake (or should I say faux) ha ha enamelware, it was time to fill it with Fall pumpkins to make it pretty for the center of the table. I did a tutorial on how to transfer letters onto enamelware HERE.

Fill it up with fake (faux) pumpkins - the sky's the limit, my friends. I put in all the fun pumpkins I bought from Joann's. Look at the pasta pumpkin! 

Gosh, I love how it turned out. I hope you do, too.

Be sure to visit Theresa at Shoestring Elegance who is the next blog on this tour. She is displaying her beautiful Fall tray with an ANGEL on it. It's so perfect. 

Thank you for visiting and joining our Autumn Decor Tray Hop and I hope you are having a fantastic Autumn. Much love, 


  1. This is such a creative idea, Linda! I love all your fabric textured pumpkins and how you upcycled the turkey pan too. All the pieces you madeover were fabulous - they look just like the real thing. Hope you're having a great weekend, CoCo

  2. What a fantastic upcycle Linda! It turned out beautiful and I'm so glad you linked the tutorial for transferring lettering. I have a few pieces I could use for that and you've inspired me to finally do something with them. Love the pasta pumpkin and I can't believe I missed that on my last trip to Joanns. Guess I'm going for a drive! Thank you and happy

  3. I love all of the wonderful upcycling for your pretty autumn tray! Pinned and thank you for joining the fun for the autumn on a tray blog tour.xo

  4. Well aren't you clever Linda! I would have never guessed you created the thankful tub from and old blue one! It looks adorable full of the different textured pumpkins! I too loved Rachelle's flower sifter creation, so cute!

  5. Linda, you get big points for making your tray out of a vintage turkey pan. The bright white and soft color combo really stands out and make it lovely. Like Denise, I totally missed the pasta pumpkin at Johannes :(

    That was nice of you to pull in my DIY sifter :) Amazon is where I picked up the napkins - and I think they still have them.

  6. Linda, you know how much I love your “tray” your faux enamelware turned out
    beautiful and your sweet pumpkins are just the perfect touch! Thank you for
    your kind words, my friend! Hugs!

    Theresa @ Shoestring Elegance |

  7. Not only did you style your tray for fall, you created your tray! I wouldn't have known how it started out, but the end result is a great base for a pile of pumpkins. And you can't have too many pumpkins lol. Happy November!

  8. Oooo! I love your tray! I love the neutral, calm elements of it :). Thanks so much for sharing!

  9. I love the way this bowl/tray turned out. The pumpkins look great inside. Very farmhouse chic! I'd love for you to come share on Happiness is Homemade at LifeasaLEOWife.com & on Traffic Jam Weekend (opens Thurs at 5pm CST). I think my readers would love this inspriation!

    Niki - Life as a LEO Wife

  10. What a fun idea. If you need more hops for the next one, I host two - one on each of my blogs! Have a great week.


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