DIY Beautiful Spa Tray to Give or Keep for Yourself

 Give a gift of a spa tray and wrap it up in cellophane for a very special person for Christmas.

That person could be yourself, of course. I've already gotten a few things for myself this Christmas. No one knows what I want better than me, right? AND I think it's important to recognize yourself as someone who deserves love and care. Okay, enough of that. It will make a great gift.

I started with an older tray that had some charm and chips since all this new stuff was going to be sitting on it. It needed a little grunge so to speak. 

Then I just went to Target and there is no lack of these types of items on their shelves and they are just gorgeous and tantalizing, begging to be taken off the shelf and embraced. So I did. I embraced many of them.... most in the color pink because pink IS my color for this Christmas.

I lit the candle for this picture because it just creates a mood, right?

These fuzzy, warm slippers had to be part of this tray because after you are through using all this delicious stuff, it seems so right to snuggle and be warm and cozy with a book... or TV.

These sweet macaroon bath salts came from Target also. They're just so pretty all by themselves!

The reminder to BREATHE is always good. If I'm stressed and anxious about something I can sometimes catch myself holding my breath so a reminder to breathe is relaxing.

On a separate little glass tray I put some nail polish and remover and some cotton balls. A little glass container holds Qtips.

There's a sugar scrub that looks good enough to eat.

There are multiple face masks and foot masks, believe it or not!

Shea butter wipes! Mmmmm...

The candle is for a peaceful mood ..

You could also do a smaller tray with equally beautiful spa products and candles and it would be a smash hit! Hope you have gotten some inspiration for Christmas gifts. \

Much love at this beautiful season,


  1. Such a fabulous idea Linda - and so cozy! Just what I'd love right now! :) Thanks for the beautiful inspiration!

  2. Adorable idea! This would be perfect for teachers right before Christmas break. Thanks for sharing on Traffic Jam Weekend at!
    Niki ~ Life as a LEO Wife

  3. This is awesome. I would love it if you would share this on The Fabulous Friday Link Party..
    Hugs to you.


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