Pink and Pretty Fall Mantel 2021

 Pink and Pretty Mantel

Okay, I'm going all out with pink this Fall and I think it's going to go right into Christmas. I found a tutorial on how to paint the tips of the Christmas tree branches and I think I'm going with it. It's a big, messy job, I'm told. I'm not looking forward to the job itself but I'm so looking forward to the way the Christmas tree will look!

I did this first. I really like the way the signs look on the mantel. Before this I had a painting of my granddaughter as a baby and it just wasn't cutting it, much as I love her. She's 19 now.

Here is the whole mantel, stove and hearth redone for Fall. I'm loving it. It hasn't looked this good EVER.

My sister  made me the crow pillow. She's so talented and has been doing some applique lately and making pillows. So glad I got one!!

I had blogged about redoing some of my Fall stuff from last year. I had them on the dining room table but then when I started doing the mantel, I grabbed some stuff from the table. It looks so good on the mantel.

As I got going onto the mantel I thought the old black slide in stove looked pretty dark and decided to throw some pumpkins on there and then the hay happened. The little wagon had hay in it from the rooster I made from a pumpkin and gourd so I rolled it in front of the black stove. Now it's starting to all come together with an old crock jug and a pumpkin I decorated with flowers from last year also, painted pink this year. 

The hay seemed to be getting everywhere to the point where I thought I might have overdone it.

I love this sign. It's not strictly Fall though.

Here's the other sign I bought before the pandemic. I love it.

Now the whole mantel looks so awesome. I just love looking at it. Now I'm wondering if I can make the Christmas mantel as nice... hmmm...

This is a slightly different version before the hay.

Hope you like it. Best wishes and keep the wonder...

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