How to Get TWO Beautiful Fall Wreaths from ONE Garland from Michael's

 Hello, everyone!

Happy October and Happy Fall Season!

The doors on my detached garage looked so bare and lonely I wanted to put some wreaths on them, but I didn't want to spend big money on 2 wreaths that would basically be out in the rain and weather and get ruined.

First of all, years ago we took the garage door off and put on two regular doors making it look like a big shed. When I told my mother I wanted a she-shed she said I had one.. my garage. Well, NOT... it is filled with ugly garage stuff but this summer I tried to make the outside pretty and here's what I did.

I looked at the garlands in Michael's - yes, they are expensive but I had a 50% coupon and I knew I'd be making 2 wreaths out of it so it was still a savings.

Here is the type of garland I bought. It's basis is a long grapevine. This is not the one that I used but I wanted to show the grapevine that made up the garland.

#1. Cut garland in half and make 2 circles.

Spread open one end. 

On the other end put lots of glue.

Put the glued end into the end you opened up. Hold until set.

Wrap the end securely with wire.

There it is! Done!

Hang it up!

I've made lots of wreaths but this was by far the easiest 2 wreaths I've ever made.

Best wishes,

Once I made a wreath with pretty paper fans. That was many nights of movie watching and making little paper fans.

And I've made a coffee filter wreath and a squirrel wreath (that was a bit of fun).

I had a pair of mittens that I turned into a door decoration and a pair of ice skates door decoration.


  1. Adorable and so easy! Perfect for the busy times we live in! Thanks for sharing on Happiness is Homemade at!

  2. I love a good two-for-one--great tip for your wreath! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!


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