St. Patrick's Day Treat Boxes for Friends and Family

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

These treat boxes would be so fun to share at school or work - too bad we're in a pandemic. However, I think it's fine to share with close friends and family, your choice. 

HOWEVER, next year I believe we'll be a full on GO for all the fun we've been missing this past year. What do you think? By then maybe the children will have been vaccinated also as well as a good solid percentage of adults. I can hardly wait! How about you?

Here they are...

I made PDF files for them also so you can easily print them out and make these treat boxes in a jiffy.

I used little plastic boxes 2 x 2 x 1 inch like these on Amazon.

I printed out the front and top pieces and glued them in place as shown in the pictures. You'll have to cut out the little top pieces but it's very simple and easy to do. Then fold them on the line and glue on the top of the little plastic box.

For the backs I thought it would be awesome to add a different Irish blessing on each box. Some are shown below. I had fun looking those up...

The little top pieces ..

I filled them with green jelly beans, what else? Right?

PDF file #1

PDF file #2

PDF file #3

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Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone!! Paper crafting is a great way to destress!

Best wishes,

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