Easiest Ever Paper Basket to Make for Easter or Anytime

 This is so last minute but it's also SO EASY to make these little cardstock baskets and easy to decorate with an Easter theme, with little cutout bunnies or chicks. They're even easier to fill with little treats and can be for adults at the dinner table setting or for children. Everybody likes chocolate, mostly, right?

Once I got into the rhythm of making these I got up to 25 very quickly, unintentionally. I'm still making them. It's addictive especially when spending so much time indoors (pandemic).  I bought Easter grass to fill them with but the grass is so long and straight it just makes a big mess which I know no one is going to want to deal with. So I decided to make my own Easter grass. Sort of. See below...

Directions for making the basket....

Cardstock paper - scrapbooking paper is good for this. I have lots of beautiful pads of papers

Obviously, you'll need some kind of glue - I used hot glue because it instantly keeps the basket in shape. I've stapled these little baskets in the past but hot glue is nicer and you won't pick your finger - or anyone you give it to.

One 12" x 12" square of cardstock paper makes 4 little baskets

I fold the paper in fourths. You end up with 4 - 6" squares. Perfect small size for favors, too.

Fold the 6" paper in thirds..

Make 4 cuts as shown...

Fold up the sides (you can almost see the basket coming together)

I stapled this to keep it together so you could see how it folded up.

Cut a 1" paper strap and attach with hot glue and if you like cut out a few bunny shapes and attach with glue like the ones here. I just took shapes off the internet for these and cut them out of cardstock.

I bought some Easter grass and thought it would be nice but it looked like this: slightly chaotic and certainly messy. I have trimmed these baskets with the Easter grass in the past but then the receiver still has to deal with it when the goodies are taken out. 

SO I came up with this idea. I took a half sheet of tissue paper about 12 x 12 inches and scrunched it up and then took scissors and made small cuts in it like below. It still looks festive but only the top is cut up - the bottom is still a crunched up ball of tissue, easy to dispose off and doesn't make a mess with green grass thingees all over the place. Nice, huh?

This is so much fun and easy to make. 

Happy Easter with love,

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  1. They are adorable, Linda, and I'm surprised at how easy they are to make. I love the pretty papers you used. My mind is flood with all sorts of ideas for all the seasons.


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