Pretty Garden Pillow with a Pocket for Flowers

Sweet and pretty garden pillow with a pocket....

Right now I'm on a fabric craze. My mother was always sewing and I usually played nearby so fabric means home, love and family to me. She also loved to SHOP for fabric and I definitely did not. It was so boring. We went to a place in a local town called The Barn and it was a barn and it had boxes and bins of all kinds of scraps of fabric that you could get very cheaply. I remember my mother pulling a half finished white cotton shirt out of a bin and saying, "Well, this doesn't need much more work to finish and have a blouse!" Also in this barn was a ramp leading from a lower level to an upper level. Me and my cousins used to run up and down and rain Cain all over that place, racing between aisles and up and down the ramp. That must have driven my mother and aunt crazy! We'd hide in the big cardboard boxes from each other, too. Ah, the things you remember as a kid, right? 

Guess what I LOVE to do now? Yup, I love fabric shopping and I love fabric, too, really love it. I love pretty cotton fabrics and I like to make pretty things with them. Right now I'm into cotton fabric panels and I bought these really sweet garden flower panels. As I was looking them over I thought, how cute they would be together as a pillow. Then I thought a pocket in the front would be perfect for little notes for a loved one or for one's self..

Here is the panel fabric..

And then I was noodling around with the fabric and came up with this making a pillow and putting a pocket on the front. I made the pocket first by putting 2 fabrics - the garden fabric panel square and a liner fabric - right sides together and then sewing all around 1/4 inch and leaving an opening at the bottom to turn inside out. I turned it and ironed it. (The blue is a towel)

There's the pocket -- ready to be sewn on the front of the fabric. I sewed it all around except the top.

I picked a Kaffe Fasset fabric for the back so the back would be as equally interesting as the front.

I sewed it all around and then left an opening in the bottom to turn the fabric inside out.

I made 2 of these pillows and turned them inside out and here they are ready to be stuffed with polyester stuffing.

Bingo. I made these two pillow up in an evening. It was fast because I knew what I wanted to do with this fabric. I've been making potholders and mug rugs with these panel squares but I felt that this beautiful fabric should be more than that...

I'm having fun placing them here and there around the house to see where I like them the best! I placed one in my dining room china cabinet that I made over a few years ago. I love it so much.

Much love to all in a trying time... pandemic isolation.

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