Gluten Free Homemade Funnel Cakes in 15 Minutes

 Yes, you read that right. Fifteen minutes to delicious funnel cakes like the kind you get at carnivals! Only these funnel cakes are gluten free and even more delicious. You should have heard the groans, oh, mom these are so good, from my grown son. 

They were crispy on the outside but tender on the inside. 

The big secret to the speed of this recipe? It's made from a pancake mix, a gluten free pancake mix from King Arthur flour. This is not an endorsement for king arthur
flour. I'm sure you can use your own pancake recipe too.. 

Let's talk about carnival food. I also made deep fried Twinkies a few years back. It was so amazing and even better than the carny ones! 

Pour oil into a heavy pan or skillet and, using a thermometer, heat to 350 to 375 degrees. If the oil is not hot enough the cakes will be greasy.

When the oil is ready put in a drop of batter and there should be little bubbles all around it.

Prepare your pancake mix as usual. I poured mine into a plastic bag and cut a hole in a corner of the bag. Don't worry about squeezing it out, because it pours right out easily... and fast. So squiggle around with the bag as you are pouring the batter into the oil. 

It doesn't take long - 30 seconds or so for the first side to be done. Then flip over the funnel cake and cook the other side.

This was my first one - don't judge.

When the second side is done, let it drip on paper towels before putting it on a plate. 
They disappear really fast...

Enjoy! At home.. and safe!

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