Absolutely Yummy Cinnamon Roll Pancakes

 Yummy and Fast Cinnamon Swirl Pancakes

Are you looking for some awesome comfort food that doesn't take a long time to make? This is a Triple A rating breakfast, lunch or dinner. Just think .. ham and bacon and these cinnamon bun pancakes.. 


My son brought to my attention some awesome looking pancakes on the internet and I said, "Sure, we can make them." And we did. 

I used our regular gluten free pancake mix - King Arthur Flour - it has the best texture and flavor of any of the gluten free pancake mixes we've tried. I made the whole box of mix up like I always do and then made some brown sugar, butter and cinnamon mixed together to make the "cinnamon swirl". And then I made a simple water and confectioner's sugar drizzle for the top.


For the Cinnamon Filling    
1/2 Cup brown sugar 
  2 Tbsp butter
1/2 half tsp cinnamon add mote cinnamon if needed.. 

After melting the butter and mixing all together I added 1/4  to 1/3 cup pancake batter to the mix.
This guarantees that the cinnamon filling will also cook when you flip the pancakes.

For the Glaze:     1 Tbsp water or milk
Add confectioner's sugar until the right consistency for drizzling

Here is the cinnamon filling ... a few hours after making and eating the pancakes.

I love my new Pioneer Woman dishes... love love love...💟💟💟

To make the pancakes:

Make pancakes as usual. I  In order to swirl the cinnamon mixture fairly accurately i put the mixture in a plastic bag and snip a tiny hole in the corner. I made medium to small pancakes. After you start seeing bubbles on the top of the pancake as it's cooking, squeeze some of the brown sugar filling  in a swirl around the top of the pancake. Let the pancake continue to cook a little more and then flip it over carefully. Continue until lightly browned. Be sure to not flip over the pancake too soon or it will be mushy on the bottom. Don't ask me how I know this. :)

Drizzle and swirl some of the confectioner sugar glaze over the pancake. 

I love these little Pioneer Woman ramekins, too. LOVE. Different colors, too. Yummy colors. 💟💟💟

My son loved it and also my husband and grown daughter who live with us!!! I LOVED THEM!! (Yes, both my family AND the pancakes) ha ha 

My son found this recipe on The Recipe Critic and it was a winner. Next week we're tackling her pancake funnel cakes - they look even easier. I personally love  funnel cakes. When visiting my sister in PA we'd always go to the Amish Country and see the horse drawn buggies and have some funnel cakes! 

Best wishes always,

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  1. These Cinnamon Swirl Pancakes sound fabulous. I can almost taste them!


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