My Awesome Front Door Renovation

 Hello, everyone!

What has everyone been doing during the pandemic?

I've been painting.... everything in sight. If I have a paintbrush in my hand and I finished with one project I look around to see what else I can paint... I spied the front door...

Let me see... I've painted the front porch, the bathroom, the front shutters - 10 of them - 2 large glass bookcases, an antique secretary, 2 big bookcases in the living room, a hall closet, a few small end tables, a wooden wagon, a white stool, and now... 

my front door.... and my black Swedish duck, Sunny, likes it too.

Mostly everything has been painted white except the front door and the shutters.

Without further ado...

How did I arrive at this color?
Initially, I wanted a  coral color so I bought a sample jar of "youthfully coral" by Behr. It was too light and washed out looking so I added some red to it and came up with this color you see right here. I took the sample I made and had Home Depot make me a few quarts of it... I wanted to paint the shutters also. 

I love love love the way the front door turned out. It's so vibrant looking.

Our little side porch which has no door access because our contractor said it was impossible so we have windows. 

Here is the color the shutters used to be.


The shutters are a bit bright and I've considered repainting them a lighter coral color but it was so much work to paint them all by hand, two coats! I think #1 they will probably fade a little over time and #2 it's so much work!

I've been finding the pandemic difficult but I keep busy with project after project. How are you faring?

Much love,


  1. I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ The color of your front door😘

  2. Very pretty wreath. The duck made the porch so cute. I love your pink shutters.

  3. Such a pretty color that really pops against your siding color! Pretty wreath, too.


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