Ways to Enjoy Your Summer in Quarantine

Ways to enjoy summer in a quarantine.... Here are some ideas on how to enjoy summer while still staying mostly at home... a staycation summer. 

One easy and fun thing to do is to plan a picnic in your own yard or deck. My Thrift Shop Addiction shows how to use a pallet to plan a picnic. I just ordered a red checkered tablecloth for a table on my deck to give a flair of "picnic" when we eat on the deck. A veggie board would be a nice addition to any picnic. Curly Crafty Mom shows us how to make one! 

Kippi at Home shows us some trellis lighting ideas while My Recipe Treasures show how to make awesome ribs and The Painted Apron makes creamsicles in a jar. How fun is that?

The Strawberry Shortcake Parfait by Our Clover House and Peanut Butter and Jelly Popsicles by Janine Hulde are super fun and will be special treats for the family = or yourself! Yay.

I love the free tropical house plant drawings by Pillar Box Blue and I intend to download these and frame them for one of my rooms. I have a "garden" type dining room with pictures of toucans on one wall and jungle leaves fabric for valances. I'm always looking for cool pictures to frame and hang up.

There are lots of other ways to enjoy summer. My grandmother used to play the card game, Canasta, with me when we would go on picnics with the family. If I won she would get so mad at me. hahhahha Ahhh, the memories... 

I have a croquet set that must be brought out and played. Up til now we've been so busy running here and there we only played it once. Now's the time! 

I wish you all a wonderful summer. Watch the fireflies...

Enchanting Summer Picnic Pallet by My Thrift Shop Addiction

Summer Veggie Board by Curly Crafty Mom

Wood Pellet Ribs by My Recipe Treasures

Creamsicle in a Jar by The Painted Apron

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