Keep Kids and Yourself Busy and Mentally Fit as You Deal With the Covid-19 Quarantine -

I don't know about anyone else but these days I'm glued to the TV to see all the new developments on  the Covid-19 pandemic. My mother used to talk about the days during the depression and WWII when certain items were scarce. I, myself, have never experienced anything like that. If you had the money you could buy whatever you wanted, so to go to the store and see whole aisles that had nothing on them was disturbing to say the least.  Since I'm pretty obsessed with what is going on in the world I thought I'd do features on how to deal with this quarantine.

The biggest disruption for me is staying home. I really like to be out and about so that has been an adjustment. The first week was very hard but I'm beginning to get into a new daily pattern, a new rhythm, if you will. It's a lazy rhythm I can tell you that! Actually, the amount of TV watching has gone up exponentially (50 cent word). Usually I hardly sit at all during the day. Well, that has changed. I feel a need to know what is going on all the time. Actually, I think I see some light at the end of the tunnel since NYC is starting to level off a little. Have you seen the pictures of the city? It looks like it's been abandoned! I guess it's working though because the numbers of infected has stabilized.

I looked at the party last week and the week before and saw so many helpful ideas on what to do during the quarantine. For myself, I can't focus enough to start a project like painting a room or the kitchen cabinets which I so badly want to do. Maybe in a few weeks time I'll be less anxious and can settle myself to do some renovating. We'll see...

There are some totally wonderful ways suggested here to keep oneself grounded and engaged during this extraordinarily difficult time and I thought you might benefit from them also. I know I did.

There are ways to keep kids busy, some suggestions of books to read yourself, tips for working at home, and a painting tutorial. There is an elderberry syrup recipes helps the immune system combat viruses and other natural remedies also. How to alleviate anxiety is another feature. How to make meaningful connections during the quarantine is another feature and then another blogger calls on everyone to share words of encouragement. I loved all of these.

Pray with me.... Lord, please help our country and the entire world during this time. Help us to defeat our invisible foe and come out victorious. In your name, Jesus, we pray. Amen.

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