10 New and Fun Ways to Repurpose Old Garland

Ten Ways to Repurpose Old Green Garland

Old green garlands are plentiful in my Christmas stash... lots of them are old and don't look so great draping from a doorway. Some are in the upstairs closets under the eaves (I live in a Cape Cod so we have these half closets in the bedrooms upstairs). These old garland cannot be used as garlands anymore. I've got some garlands with faux fruit on them and pine cones. Those are the nicer ones but I also have the cheaper ones that are basically nothing but green fringed things. THESE are the ones I'm talking about in this post. What can we do with them? Well, I've done some research and, amazingly, there are some great things to do with old garlands, green or otherwise. 

Two twenty one blog used a tomato cage and some garland to make a pretty amazing little Christmas tree. Take a look at this little beauty.

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Garlands can also be used to fill in a skimpy Christmas tree. I know. I've done it. It makes the tree look amazing and full.

This is so  amazing. It's a lantern tree by Creative Ambitions. She has a complete tutorial. What she used as the wood for the stand was brilliant. 


Have a baby? Put a tree on the wall using garland. Here's one.


Here is an awesome wall Christmas tree that could be made with old garlands easily. This is a fun one.

30 Awesome Christmas Wall Decor Ideas

Nice square wreath made with green garlands.

You can count on me making this! The Other White House: 12 Days of Christmas Crafts..

Use old garland with lights over large letters to make an awesome JOY sign. Very Cool.

use old garland with lights to make 'JOY' letters

How about a lighted stair handrail made with garlands and Christmas lights?

Small trees made from garland and styrofoam cones. Finished product is  beatufiul.

Garland mini trees - so easy and cheap to make! ( maybe for outside on the porch, a bigger version! )

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