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How to Make Christmas Tassel Ornaments/ Gift Tags

How to Make Paper Christmas Tassel Ornaments or Present Adornments

Every year about this time I start making Christmas ornaments and lots of them. I LOVE making ornaments for the Christmas tree! This year I'm making paper Christmas tassels. They have evolved as I've worked on them also.

Here is how I made them.First I cut an oblong of paper and made 1/4 inch cuts as shown below.

Make the cuts about 1/4 inch apart and about 2 inches from the top.

A little tiny flower, a piece of pretty cardstock to cover the top of the tassel and a little piece of lace or trim completes the tassel.

I cut Christmas sayings from Christmas cards and included them on the tassel also, so these could be gift tags or ornaments.

In this tassel, I glued a little clothespin to hold the Merry Christmas sign.

I made a little fabric rose for this tassel.

Happy Christmastime!

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