Easy, Fun, and Festive Cookies for Christmas

Easy, Fun and Festive Cookies for Christmas

You know what the trick is? I BOUGHT the cookies... all kinds of pretty shortbread cookies. I had so much fun decorating these pretty little cookies. Lots of fun and no work! I didn't have to make them. I just decorated them with pretty nonpareils, jimmies, and other pretty embellishments. The only thing I had to do was melt the chocolate and white chocolate, dip the cookie and then shake the little decorations on top of the melted chocolate. FUN!!! I found these really CUTE teddy bear shortbread cookies. I bought some little scotty dog cookies, too, but then ate them before I had a chance to decorate. Oh, well. These are really tasty, too.

I laid them all out on a white board and had fun photographing them also. They are a pretty subject to photograph, don't you think?

Then I put them in cupcake papers because I thought they'd be cute in them also.

Aren't the teddy bear cookies cute?

Then I decided to make a ring of them like a wreath.

Then I filled wide mouth Mason jars with the cookies to give out at Christmas with Dove chocolates included to make the jars and cookies look colorful.

Hope you are having an awesome crafty Christmas,

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