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DIY Sea Glass Angel Tags or Ornaments

How to use sea glass to make angels. I love corrugated cardboard, also, so I included 2 of my favorite things: sea glass and corrugated cardboard! Yay. I love making stuff at Christmastime. Sometimes I continue to make ornaments and things even on Christmas Eve...

I cut out a tag shape from corrugated cardboard and glued on some sea glass to make the body and wings of an angel. I bought some round glass shapes because I thought they looked better than just using an odd shaped sea glass piece. I cut up some Christmas cards for words (I get lots of cards in the mail - new, unused ones from charities we give to (and even some we don't give to). Glue everything on, punch a hole for some string for the ornament (I use  mine as ornaments because I LOVE making ornaments!! I usually make 30 or so ornaments every year, some of those being paper. Glue a white plastic glittery star ornament on the back and you are DONE. You have a sea glass ornament or very pretty tag for someone special's gift!

Best wishes and Merry Christmas, my friends.

Check out my snowman cheeseball,

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