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Beautiful Napkin Decor for your Holiday Table

Festive Christmas Napkin Decor for your Christmas Table

What makes a holiday table more beautiful than festive napkins? Okay, well, a nice centerpiece helps but after THAT comes gorgeously folded napkins, right? Take a look at some of these super fun and lively napkins, my friend. You are going to want to do some napkin folding this Christmas/New Years.

Beautiful Napkin Decor by Celebrate Creativity 


Angel Napkin Ring by Craft Elf

ribbon angel napkin ring

poinsettia napkin ring

Rose Napkin Folding by Martha Stewart


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You might not have elves on call to set the table, but you can honor December's employees of the month by turning napkins into Santa's helpers' hats. To do: Gather square napkins that are on the stiff side (too thin or soft, and the folds won't hold). Once you've formed the hats, accessorize with mini-ornaments or jingle bells: Stick an ornament's hanger, or a bell looped onto a short piece of craft wire, into each hat's point. Place at holiday dinner guests' plates, and get ready to make merry.

Finish Your Holiday Table With Christmas Tree Folded Napkins

Red Christmas Folded Napkin by Napkin Wizard

Bird of Paradise Napkin Folds

Pinecone Napkin Ring by Artsee Fartsee

Easy Christmas Decor - Pine Cone Napkin Rings

Check out my cute Snowman Cheese Ball for holiday parties!!

snowman made from cream cheese

Christmas is fast approaching, my friends,

Best wishes for a beautiful Christmas Season,

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