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Christmas DIY Gift - Teapot Sewing Kit

Teapot Sewing Kit

Do you have people who sew on your gift list? This DIY sewing kit from a pretty teapot is perfect!

Look at the cute pincushion on the inside of the lid of the teapot? Easy to make and cute and functional. Good use of space. On the inside of the teapot? Thread, pins, needles and whatever is needed to make quick repairs on the spot.

The little pincushion was fun to make. All you need is a little bit of polyester stuffing, a small piece of fabric (coordinating fabric with the teapot is awesome), and possibly some cute embellishments for the outside of the teapot itself.

To make the pincushion: take a small piece of polyester the size of a baseball and place inside the small piece of fabric. Squeeze the polyester until it can basically fit into the lid of the teapot. When you have the size right, use hot glue to secure the base of the pincushion and put the raw edge part of the pincushion into the lid of the teapot. Hot glue into place.

This is a cute gift to give.

Best Thanksgiving wishes to all,

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