Cute Fabric Container Gift Bag Has Many Uses

Over the next few months I'm going to be posting some great diy ideas for gifting for Christmas. Here is one little bag that is very doable if you sew. It's a standard bag with one handle. It goes together very quickly once everything is cut out.

Directions: Cut 1 piece of fabric 8 1/2 inch by 20 inches (that's the bottom part of the bag). The top part is 4 inches by 20 inches. I used contrasting fabrics for this bag and a neutral gray for the handle. I ironed on some stiff lining onto each piece of fabric. The lining is only 8 1/2 inches by 20 inches
 as the top lip of the bag folds over to make a 2 inch border at the top on the outside and the inside of the bag. Sew the 8 1/2 inch x 20 inch fabric to the 4 inch x 20 inch front fabric. On the other side of the 4 inch fabric sew the liner. Now you have one large piece of fabric with a 4 inch contrasting fabric in the middle. Fold this over vertically and sew all the way down to make a long tube. Fold over so that the 4 inch fabric is folded in half with 2 inches showing in the front and 2 inches on the inside of the bag. Turn inside out. Sew the bottom closed. To make the gusset, follow the directions for the wine gift bag I made. Then turn inside out and sew the liner closed by machine or by hand.

I added a piece of thick cotton lace to delineate the top from the bottom of the bag.

I had a battenburg doily that I turned into this flower. It's really easy to make flowers. You need an oblong piece of lace or fabric and then just turn it around and around, gluing with the hot glue gun at the base of the flower. I show how to make flowers here. A flower dresses up everything, don't you think?

I tucked some pretty little towels into the bag but you could put whatever you like, soaps, creams, etc. Do you know anyone who would like a nice gift like this?

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  1. Very well build and excellent design. I didn't saw that much unique design before. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.


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