Sweet and Savory Popcorn Pumpkins

Sweet and Savory Popcorn Pumpkins

Is this a cute snack or what? I was thinking of some kind of pumpkin shaped food and came up with popcorn pumpkins. Once I searched it,though, I found a few others who attempted making this orange delight. I made mine a little different from what I found online. I added Cheetos and corn candy as part of the mix and rolled them in crushed up Doritos to give the "orange" of the pumpkin. 

Michele, my niece, and I worked on these together and it was quick and fun and Michele and I agree they taste awesome.. sweet and salty. Love that taste. Do you?

Popcorn Pumpkins Recipe

1 bag of popcorn popped
4 cups Cheetos
1 cup crushed Doritos
3/4 cup corn candy
4 cups mini marshmallows
1/2 cup butter


Melt butter in large enough pan to contain the popcorn and Cheetos. Add mini marshmallows and stir until melted. Pour in the popcorn, Cheetos and corn candy. Stir completely until all is coated with the marshmallow mixture. Spray your hands with Pam, grab a small bunch of the popcorn mixture and form into a pumpkin shape. Add a small piece of pretzel rod to the top and secure with a small amount of the marshmallow mixture.



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