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Birthday Candle Mason Jars

Birthday Candle Mason Jars

Want to add a bit of fun at the next birthday party you attend? How about bringing this cute mason jar filled with birthday fun?

I love the little banner, don't you? First, I covered these match boxes...

with cute scrapbook paper...

So, here is what I put into the mason jar.

Do you remember blowing into these little horns that fold out? I could hardly wait to play with them myself, but guess what? They don't make any noise! They do blow out but no noise. Probably just as well. I found the cute birthday cupcake erasers at Walmart. The butterflies I punched out with my little butterfly punch. Altogether in the jar it's very sweet and you don't have to look for candles or matches at the birthday party.

In order to fit the blow out horns into the mason jar,I had to cut off a section, maybe an inch. Then I covered it with, guess what? pretty scrapbook paper! Love that stuff. This paper says "fun" on it. What could be more appropriate?

Add in a gift card to the birthday girl's/boy's birthday candle mason jar and you have a fun kit and a birthday gift all in one.

I gave one to my adult niece, Michele, and the first thing she did was blow on the blow out horn. A little fan might be fun, too. I included a cute little umbrella. Can't leave that out!

Best birthday wishes,

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