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Organize Your Car with Placemats DIY

DIY - how to organize your car using placemats. 

I love this organizer. To make it, I bought a bin like this.

Then I bought these placemats.

I measured the height and length of the little cubbie.

Fold the placemat over horizontally and make "pockets" by sewing seams as in picture.

I made 2 placemats into this organizer, one for each side of the cloth bin.

Glue them to the box.

I wanted to keep some reading material and my journal for blog ideas in the organizer also but they wouldn't stay upright... 

so I glued an elastic so that these items would remain upright.

Along with some pretty colored pencils, I keep scissors, tape and other items for journaling for when inspiration strikes.

I added a little trash receptacle in the line of a plastic cereal box atttached with clips. This helps to keep trash to a minimum.

Hope you enjoyed seeing how I made a car organizer out of placemats. Oh, the placemats were on sale from Kohl's but I'm sure that there are some at Walmart.

Oh, a word of caution. Be sure to measure the distance between the 2 front seats to see what size bin is needed. I like that mine fits snuggly but that I can still get it out.

Best wishes,


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