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My Indoor Water Garden

How to make an indoor water garden for summer. I used my old soup tureen which I haven't used in maybe 15 years so I took a chance that I'm probably not going to use it this summer. ha ha
I bought some water plants. These water hyacinths are perfect for the job. I looked up water garden plants on Google and found a place that sells everything needed for water gardens, but then I noticed that Amazon also sells live plants. 

See the top of the soup tureen? It's a duck! And we have outside ducks now also. Ducks are so fun. You can't help smiling when you look at them. They are funny little creatures with their webbed feet and their bills.

Anyway, any large bowl will make an indoor water garden also.

I love seeing the live greens in the house. These water hyacinths are easy to grow also.

Hope you are enjoying every minute of your summer. I am. You know that the summer is short!


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