Flamingo Wine Gift Bag

Flamingo Wine Gift Bag

Easy to make gift bag for wine from a placemat, believe it or not. Easy. You could actually glue this bag together also if you don't sew. However, if you sew it's only 2 seams!!

Here is the bag itself.

I bought this cute flamingo place mat at Kohls. I love flamingos. They SO spell summer, don't you think? Yes, and Florida. :)

I folded the placemat over with right sides together and sewed the bottom and side closed.

See the inside?

Open it up and stand it up and make a little crease on the bottom corners, like this.

Then stitch it across.

Trim. Do other corner.

Turn inside out. Glue a rope handle on. I use Fabri Tac glue because it's waterproof and holds well.

Bingo. Instant wine gift bag!

Here is another wine bottle gift bag idea. It's not really a "bag" but it's certainly a "wrap".

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Have fun this summer.


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