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How to Make a Fun and Cool Beach Pillow

Want some great fun at the beach? Make a great big pillow!! 

I love fabric. My Mom always dragged me to all the fabric stores and I really hated it. There was a fabric store that was basically in a barn. It had bins of scraps and partially made clothes. My Mom would dig through these bins ad infinitum. I'd run up and down the aisles and there was a special wooden ramp that led to the upper part of the "barn"... that was fun. However, it was horribly boring. The odd thing is that now I LOVE fabric. I can spend hours in Joann Fabrics between looking at fabric and magazines and books about making things. Anyway, I'm always looking for things to sew and pillows are so incredibly easy. 

I cut 2 - 27 inch squares of fabric. Put them right sides together and stitch all around, leaving a 10" opening. Turn right sides out and fill with polyester stuffing. I used a large bag of stuffing and a little more from a second bag. I closed the opening with machine stitching, but you can hand stitch it also.

Hope you make a beach pillow for yourself. It definitely added some extra comfort and fun to our beach day.

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Have a great summer.


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