Unusual and fun DOUGHNUT Birthday Cake

My daughter thought it would be great fun to have a doughnut birthday cake for her brother since he loves donuts so much so we started researching "doughnut birthday cakes" and came up with so many sweet (pun) and unusual birthday cakes.

Here is the little doughnut birthday cake we came up with.

The first thing I did was get some awesome looking donuts at Dunkin Donuts. I bought some with sprinkles and I bought the "special" more expensive donuts, also, but then didn't end up using them. I liked the pretty, frosted donuts with sprinkles the best.

So, it's not a big deal which is why we had the doughnut birthday cake to begin in.

1. Buy the donuts.

2. Stack them on a pretty plate.

3. Add birthday candles. Enjoy.

So, if you need a pretty and small birthday cake the the birthday "person" loves doughnuts, give this a try. It's super easy and super pretty. Buy pretty doughnuts! Of course, paper doilies don't hurt either.

Need a bigger birthday cake? Just buy more donuts. Here's a really cute cake for a medium sized party from Martha Stewart.

By the way, is it doughnut or donut? I looked that up and outside of America "doughnut" is widely favored but in the U.S. "donut" appears about a third of the time... and not just when referring to the brand. Which way do you spell that round confection with a hole in the center?

Hope you are having a wonderful Spring.


  1. Here in the UK we definitely write doughnut but then you know we love to spell everything we can different to you guys right? :-D
    This is such a fun quick idea, and the pretty doughnuts with the sprinkles are perfect for this. What a shame you were forced to eat the special ones you bought!!

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