How to Turn A Boring Cake Plate Into a Chic Colorful One

Last summer I bought this glass cake plate. I had visioned putting cool stuff inside like vintage cars with Christmas trees on top. It didn't happen. Now it's Easter and it's been hanging around like this. I was really getting bored with it so I decided to see how I could improve this not-so-exciting cake plate. I love the way it turned out. LOVE. Hope you do, too.


Cute Chick Pops

Fun Carrots

         Cutest Easter Bunnies

Spring Door Decor

Pretty Paper Wreath

Picnic Party Cart



I bought a green acrylic paint color that I love at Michael's Crafts and painted the base and the top knob with it. Already it looked better. I put some pretty Easter grass and colorful eggs inside and a pretty ribbon and Voila!! Not boring, anymore. The best (and worst) part of this paint is that you can wash it right off of glass. I once painted white snowflakes on my kitchen bay window at Christmas and washed it off a few months later. I did that a couple of times because I love the way snowflakes look from the inside of my kitchen. Actually, they were just small blobs of white acrylic paint. Anyway, it's fairly easy to clean off acrylic paint so I fully intend to change this color out on a regular basis. I can hardly wait to see how it's going to look in different colors. And to think I was ready to get rid of it!! The pink paper runner adds color, too.

I painted the tulips on the window years ago. I love looking out that window and seeing tulips - winter and summer. :)

I intend to paint this different colors through the seasons.

Having fun with Easter decor, how about you?  Here are 34 Ways to Decorate Eggs.

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