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What's more fun than making Easter baskets? It's one of my favorite things to do. I make things for the adults, too! Well, the girls in the family. Some of the fun things I've made for the ladies in the family HERE and HERE.

When I was  a kid my aunt and uncle always had a big Easter breakfast. It was lots of fun. They had so much food. My uncle was Polish so there was lots kielbasa along with scrambled eggs, bacon, rolls, pastries, deviled eggs, etc. I remember one Easter when there was a foot of snow on the ground... what a surprise! Back in the day everyone dressed up for Easter. We all had new outfits with hats, gloves, and purses, too. Everything was new. Then we went to church and to the big Easter brunch at my aunt's house. I don't remember ever having an Easter basket, though. Maybe that's why I'm so fascinated with making them.

Michael's has a beautiful line of craft stuff that all matches. I bought some of these cute strawberry baskets - they have them in really pretty colors - I finally settled on this pink color. I bought a square of green felt and cut it up like Easter grass and hot glued it to the basket.

I had some yellow ribbon and glued that on the inside of the basket to form a handle and added little paper flowers to one side for embellishment.

Then I filled them with fun stuff and candy, of course. I love the malted milk eggs. Yum. Eating and crafts.

See the little book? Sweet... a tag sale find. It just fits into the strawberry baskets.

I made a little yellow flower from some of the yellow ribbon and put this tiny duck in the center. Putting the details on any project is the best part.

I think these would look really cute on the Easter table - either a buffet like my aunt had or at a sit-down.

Be sure to check out my 34 Best Egg Decorating post, too. Lots of cool ways to decorate eggs, another of the funnest parts of Easter.

Wanna grow your own grass for Easter? Fun and quick.

The time before Easter is called Lent and when I was a kid it was a very solemn time where you "gave up" certain foods or promised to do certain prayers every day. I find that has changed and I want to celebrate Easter early by putting out my Easter decor. What do you think?

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