How to Re-arrange a Bad Flower Arrangement

Have you ever ordered a flower arrangement and were completely dissatisfied with it? I have. Here is what I did with a recent one that my daughter had sent to my mother in the hospital (she had an operation and she's doing well). A boring, ugly arrangement got a complete redo. Here is what I did. I made a large arrangement inside a teapot and several smaller arrangements in small vases.

Here is the original from the florist. It's pretty bad. I took it home when my Mom went to have the operation and then completely took this arrangement apart. Since my Mom was in ICU for a while where she couldn't have flowers. Don't worry, she received plenty of other flowers. Read about my Mom's 100th birthday party, if you like. And here is her 103rd birthday party. Both were awesome, special parties for an awesome, special person.

I ended up with 1 large arrangement in the teapot and 4 smaller arrangements in small vases. How fun!!

There were 2 pink roses and lots of the same color tulips so it looks like lots of pink roses... NOT. Then there were 2 red roses also. All in all, it's boring. Let's face it. I started by taking all the flowers out and cutting their stems on an angle so that the flower can draw up moisture from a freshly cut stem. Sometimes, you can crush the stem for this same purpose, also, but I learned to cut the stem at a steep angle. I think it looks prettier in the vase, too.

I put this rose in an old glass milk bottle with a ribbon. On the right side of this there is a tall glass bottle that I put some of the pretty bright pink carnations in. You can just see the ferns on the upper right.

Here's another small arrangement... and a yarn pompom. :) I love pompoms right now. Looking for ways to use them.

I had another one in the living room which I didn't take a picture of. BUT my FAVORITE is the pretty pink teapot with roses on it.

This is definitely a step up from the original arrangement, don't you think?

I have it in my kitchen bay window....

Can you believe I ended up with all these arrangements? Hope you enjoyed viewing.

Best wishes,


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